Tuesday, December 29, 2009



Aloha! This is Heidi from the North Shore Soap Factory.

I have been using NSSF products for about a year now,
and fell in LOVE with them after my first bar of BLUEBERRY.

It drew me to only use natural soap;
and considering I have very sensitive skin, it was amazing to use soap that not only mosturized my skin, but also made it smell like blueberries!!

I am now fortunate enough to be an employee at the factory, so I am trying to test each and every product.

So far, I would hav to say BUG-B-GONE is probably my favorite product, due to the fact that I get mosquito bites every where I go!

I go sick of using the generic sprays that have harsh chemicals
that can damage your skin;
and since I have to use a bug spray EVERY day
I was worried of the way the chemicals were affecting my skin over time.

BUG-B-GONE not only keeps the bugs away, but it also smells great too!


  1. I love this Factory. Chiti, Chiti Bang, Bang, and I love Heidi. Dad

  2. Mahalo for posting the great one !